WhipAddict: Powerfest Car & Bike Show 2017, Atlanta, GA, Muscle Car, Burnouts, Custom Cars

One the best car show videos ( Author Description – Action from the Powerfest Car & Bike Show held on Campbellton Rd in Southwest Atlanta, GA April 2, 2017! Held by local DJ, DJ Threat! You’ll see a lot of new and old school muscle cars, Camaro’s, Chevelle’s, Hellcat’s, Charger’s, Corvette’s, Cutlass’s, luxury whips like the Jaguar XL, S63, S550, a Phantom Coupe and Bentley Truck! The Crown Vic Crew came thru deep! Hopped in with Whips by Wade and we hit tha streets for more action! Kandy Camaro on Forgiato 4s, a few Donks and SRT Dodge’s turnin up on Campbellton Rd! Enjoy!
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