WhipAddict: 1st Annual Magic City Classic Car Show, Custom Cars, Big Rims, Street Action

One the best car show videos ( Author Description – Footage from the 1st Annual Magic City Classic Car Show brought to you by @AlabamaWhipz. Held in BHam Alabama, the show had plenty of sick whips pulling up, Bama natives, JT’s lifted F350, Miles Escalade on 34s, Jeremy’s 69′ Impala Vert and Pun’s Kandy CLS on Savini 22s! More whips include a sick Hellcat, 442 Cutlass Vert on Forgiatos, the PTAP crew; Challenger on 8s, Silverado on 34s, and F250 on 26x15s! Kandy Maserati on Rucci’s and a few SUVs on 30s or better! This is the whole show, even afterwards out in the street! Great turnout, I’m sure next year will be bigger! ) Thanks to the creator of the video for sharing, also please leave a review or comment below at OLD CAR TV.


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