Used Cars in San Diego 2016 FORD MUSTANG GT for sale – 🏎Muscle Cars 🏎

Watch this cool old car for sale video ( Author Description – 🏎 Whether it is your 👀first or 5th Mustang this premium Mustang will give you the boosted package with no flaws. From the push to start roaring engine as you take off, to the impeccable interior design this GT will make you feel the 💪🏼power of a piece of work in car design and driving ability. Options for multiple modes of driving provides a delighting effortless corner bending experience. Talk about a car that people stare at😲, and this GT fits the profile group. Test the acceleration after every stoplight to see the mustang work Ford has been mastering. A definite winner.🥇

🔍Concept Motor Cars in located at:
7710 Arjons Dr Ste A, San Diego, CA 92126

📞Office line: (858)831-7783
📱Moe’s cell: (619)203-7592
🚚We can ship🚚

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