REPLAY: Day 1 – HOT ROD Drag Week 2018 from Atlanta Dragway

Watch awesome Gassers drag racing in this video shared to Old Car Tv ( Author Description – Watch the first day of Hot Rod Drag Week 2018! Unfortunately rain ended the day early and interrupted racing from 3:01:46 – 3:27:32, but there are still plenty of races to check out.

HOT ROD Drag Week is more than just clocking the fastest time on the strip; it puts competitors to a grueling test over the five days of drag racing, requiring racers to drive their vehicles on a specified route from city to city, upward of 1,000 miles. During the competition, drivers provide photographic evidence to prove they have adhered to the prescribed route. 5 different tracks, 5 different days.) Thanks to the creators of this video and for sharing. Please leave a comment about how you would review this Gassser video.

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