Holley Hot Rod Reunion Beech Bend Raceway Park Bowling Green Ky Dragway 6/14/2018 vcm

Watch awesome Gassers drag racing in this video shared to Old Car Tv ( Author Description – What we saw at the National Hot Rod Reunion! Bob, in a 1960 Ford Falcon. Rick gets a big wheelie after the “38 Special” truck disappears in tire smoke from the burnout next to Micheal Goodwin driving a ’73 Dodge Dart with REAL MEN LOVE JESUS on the door. Chuck Garrett in the “Plum Crazy” Vega makes his run. I was surprised to see “The Original Hot Rod Lincoln” get to the water before Chris Mohler pulls up to clean the tires. Christine II sports a bright red paint job with flames and a shortened top raises the tire temperature after Bear Nichols in a Chevy II Nova approaches the prestaged beams. Patrick is in “Burning Money”. Looks like fuel injection on “The Godfather” Angela with Reis & Osborne Hot Heads pulls up beside Butch Steffens in a ’40 Willys coupe. The early Corvette “Renfroe’s Rattler II” looks off to his left to behold Tim Browning in the “Meat Wagon”. Stan Hunter brings his small block injected “Pure Junk” altered out to challenge the “American Dream” front engine dragster. Edwards Rod Shop shows up in a beautiful early roadster from Lincoln, IL. Then “Never E-Nuff” stages next to Scotty Shiffler piloting “Tin Man” a blown front engine dragster. Ronnie tries his hand driving “Lil Hillside Hustler” as “The Time Traveler” encourages us to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS THEY’VE BEEN UNDER ENOUGH FIRE. Chrysler Industrial Iron pulls ahead for a win at the 1/4mile. Joe gets a wheel lift with Boogie Scott against Dale in Budweiser lane. We are thankful for these and many others as they remind us of the history of drag racing.) Thanks to the creators of this video and for sharing. Please leave a comment about how you would review this Gassser video.

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