Finnegan’s Garage Ep.57: Ramp Truck Floor Fix, Sheetmetal Bending Tips and Welder Winner Revealed!

Watch awesome Gassers drag racing in this video shared to Old Car Tv ( Author Description – The Ramp Truck is almost a full-functional tow rig again. Except for the rear axle quitting on us, she’s a mean machine. In preparation for our cross-country trek to meet Jon Chase in Pomona, California at the NHRA Winternationals, where we’ll line up in a best-of-three race to see who’s shaving their beard, we’ve been plugging away at the long to-do list on my favorite truck. The largest item on the list was the very large hole we cut into my 1973 Chevy C30 square body firewall and floor. The hole was necessary because we wanted to have zero clearance issues with the transplanted Cummins 12 Valve 6BT diesel engine and 47RH transmission. Both the engine and trans were hopped up by the good folks at Powerdriven Diesel and are estimated to be putting 1,200 ft-lbs of torque to the rear wheels.
In this episode we are also revealing the winner of our latest welder giveaway. Stick around til the end of this vid to see who’s going to open their front door one day to find a spankin new Miller Welders Multimatic 220 AC/DC MIG, TIG, STICK machine.
This welder will do it all. It will MIG weld and TIG Weld both in AC and DC polarity, which means you can weld steel and aluminum the next time you need to plumb the hot or cold side of your home built turbo project or any other hot rod task.

For more info on the welder visit the Miller Welders channel or go here:

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