Cleetus McFarland Vs Finnegan Diesel Drag Race! Finnegan's Garage Ep.74

Watch awesome Gassers drag racing in this video shared to Old Car Tv ( Author Description – This is the biggest deal to ever go down on this channel! YouTube Superheroes Cleetus McFarland Cooper made the haul from Florida to Georgia to race his Ford Galaxie against the OG Roadkill Ramp Truck. Both have turbocharged Cummins 6BT 5.9L Diesel engines. Both have speed parts from Powerdriven Diesel and they both roll coal.

The Galaxy has the edge in the weight department because the Ramp Truck is a 9,500 lb Chevy R30 Crew Cab with a ramp bed on the back. But the Ramp Truck has twin turbskies, larger fuel delivery valves, better valve springs and a few other tricks that may even the playing field. Who will win this battle Royale of homebuilt hot rods?

Meanwhile, Mike Cotten and David Newbern have been thrashing to get Newbern’s Attempted Murder Nova back together with it’s new 550ci Big-Block Chevy. In Episode 73 we nearly got it running before a messed up flywheel stopped the starter motor from cranking the big block. This time the engine is rumbling thanks to a new billet flywheel and twin-disc racing clutch from Mantic and Newbern finally gets a chance to run the car down the dragstrip.

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